Thursday, October 26, 2006

My funny boyfriend

So I had a blog on another site for a long time, it was one my boyfriend put together for me, and tonight he kinda made everything go byebye! So now I must start all over again and since my sister and my aunt both use this site I thought hey why not so this is the new blog. Whats been happening with me? I have been very sick for a bit coughing all over the place my whole face leeking and so many other wonderful things. Other than that not much really, I have been sick from work.
For those who did not get a chance to read the other blog before it was whipped out of ciber space, my boyfriend did his defence for his Masters the other day and that went very well, he passed with minor revisions which is really good! Any who I will try to write again soon just thought I would let all know that now I have a new site and the old one is no more. :( sad

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april said...

thanks for sharing the new address - I will update my site. I hope you are feeling better - thanks for the chat yesterday afternoon :)