Sunday, November 18, 2007

The last weekend of freedom

I start my second job tomorrow, who thought in my professional life that I would need a second job. Its not just about the money it helps but I really need something to distract me from the loneness in my life. I am just sick of being alone all the time at this point what a better way to avoid that then make ones self more busy then anything else. Tomorrow I don't even come home just from one job to another. I will not be home until after 10, come home sleep get up go to work. This will be my life for the next little while we will see how long I will be able to do this for before I go crazy but for now I'm going to give it a try and will see.

I am feeling really out of it these days and I'm not sure why or what I need to do to get things back on track I don't know what I even need. I know that working from 8am till 10pm with an hour break between does not sound like fun to me, when I know that hour will be spent in traffic! Hmmm the more I think about this it sounds like a stupid idea, I think I might start looking for a job that pays more! I think that might be a good idea any way I'm starting to have a hard time living where I live with whom I live due to work stuff. Its not working as well as I thought it would. We get alone fine and everything is great just the work stuff when that comes into play it makes this really hard!

Who knows will have to see what happens maybe I'll start looking around at whats out there and see what I can get somewhere else. I love my job but I just am not sure I can keep going on like this, its a little to much for me. Any way thats all for now I'll write more soon.

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april said...

i got the contact information for the shelter in Q town - give a shout or email me and I'll email back with her contact stuff - she's on old friend of my from elementary school and they haven't posted anything yet - we just happened to be sitting together today at a meeting and i asked about it... busy+busy does not equal happiness - i know Q-town sucks but there are millions of other places to be - the decision is yours and no one will think any less of you if you have to come home or move somewhere else - life just happens - we all deserve happiness - we should all get happiness - find it - and love it - wrap yourself in it - my happiness is that we finally installed the first of the kitchen cabinets last night which means I might only have one more night of takeout - i hate restaurants here - i just want to eat vegetables... and drink yummy coffee with french vanilla creamers and belittle the people I don't like - I am evil here my roar!