Saturday, November 18, 2006

Its been a whlie

Well it has been a long time since I last wrote and a lot has happened. First My Grandma was very ill and in the hospital, and than on Nov 6, she passed away. It has been pretty hard copping with that. I was a bit of a wreck for a few days and had a hard time dealing with anger, guilt, and just sadness all the time. Her funeral was a bit of a joke in my books but it was what my family wanted I guess. I was a little upset by some of the things that where said and just the god stuff made it a little unbearable as we are not the religious bunch.

I was doing alright at the funeral until I looked at her picture and I kinda lost it, I felt all the hurt and pain again, the card that we all got has now had to be hidden on me because I can not look at it with out breaking into a crying mess. I still think of her a lot but have a better time dealing with that. But the photo hunts me and breaks my heart every time I see it or even think about the picture of the women who we all loved so much. I have been off work for 11 days now and tomorrow makes it 12, than I go back to work which I am more than ready for, as I love my job and it helps take my mind away from the thoughts of loss.

On the flight back my little cute nephew decided he wanted to look at my glasses and in that put all his little weight on them and snapped them in two! This made me cry but I think it was not the glasses breaking that up set me it was that I had to leave them all over again, and I don't like people seeing me cry that just made it easy on me. So a Blurry ride home on the plan, many bumps and feeling of puke and I was home like nothing even happened, which made me cry some more. Over all the sad feelings I was going through there was a silver lining, I got to see my two little nephews and my family, that was nice.

I stayed with my sister and her husband for my week long stay. It was so nice of them to take me in and let me be there with them for that. Thank you to them!!! As a child I never knew I would grow up to respect and be so greatful of someone as much as I am. I also got to do some crafts while I was there and I loved it, so today I went and spent way to much money on stuff for me to do at home.

I am going to post some pictures of what I have made, but I thought I would talk about it for a bit... I made a wonderful wreath, some tree ornaments, and I have more to do. The wreath is really nice it turned out so good! I am so proud of myself for that one. Even with custom bows!

Any way I think that is enough of an update for now, I will be more on top of writing now that things are clamming down again.

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