Saturday, November 25, 2006

Craft Project

I just thought I would share this with everyone, the crafts I have been working on. This is the lates weath that I have finished today. I kinda cut off the bottom of the picture but you get the idea. I think it turned out really nice, I just can't wait to hang it on my door.

Work has been going well, things have been a little crazy there but still things are all good, lots of work to do not enough time to do it in. I have so much stuff that I would like to do, and so many ideas there are just not enough hours in the day to do them all in.

Its really cold here today, -22 with a wind making it like -31 brrr.... So in other words its a few days inside! Monday and Tuesay look even worse not so much fun. Any way I just wanted to share my picture and now I'm off to craft more!


april said...

ARG! I left another lengthy post and it was eliminated AGAIN! Damned beta version of blogger!

Great job on the wreath! When are you planning to start decorating? We went to PG today - mainly for the craft fair - it was a little bit of a let down - I did manage to find some new charms for my bracelet - which I didn't expect to find at a craft fair.

We went to Costco and mulled about - not much new there.

I left a long message on your previous post but it evaporated - I just wanted to say thank you for staying with us. We had as good a time as we could have had given the circumstances. The kids loved having you around and I loved being able to have you here to chat in person and also to craft. I love ya and look forward to having you out again soon.

april said...

Happy Birthday pretty lady! I hope you had a great night out!

Love ya!