Sunday, January 07, 2007


Well this weekend was pretty good, on Friday night we went to a Dinner Theater, and it was soooo good! I laughed and laughed, it was the best show we have seen there yet and the next one should be even better! I am looking forward to it. On Sat we went to Ikea and got a new bed frame and a new TV stand, Our living room looks very nice now and I am glad that we got that. The bed frame is also nice, however its a little strange to be off the floor as high as we are so that is a bit strange. But other wise I really like it a lot!

Work is going well, I am a little over stressed but I think that might be getting better soon, I'm trying to not take on so much. I just get to into my job and I want to do as much as I can and than I take on a load that might be a bit to much and I feel like I'm going to break! So I think I'm going to plan a vacation soon, I might go back to my home town and help my sister out while her husband is away, I'll have to look in to when I will get the most out of taking a break. I might sit down with my calendar tonight and take a look at just that, because I would really like to spend some good time with my nephews and my sister.

Any way I think I'm going to go and start looking into so planning but I will try to be more on the ball with writing.


april said...

We want you to visit... :)

I didn't mention it on the phone but thank you for the cute outfit for Michael. He opened it (nearly on his own) during his little birthday party.

Tonight Steven and Leighann came over with a Michael b-day gift and classic them - showed up just before dinner. They stayed for half an hour before deciding maybe they should go since it looked like we were going to eat... we were only dropping hints every couple of minutes... They got Michael a Pablo sleep friend - he is one of the characters from the backyardigans and Michael really liked it. He cuddled with it most of the night - it sings, so he would rock with the music. He is quite adorable... and at the other end of the scale as evil as me because he bites... and knows that he is biting to cause pain... remember how Kyle bit - this is worse - WAY WAY worse. Michael will approach Kyle to play fight and then bite him. Poor Kyle doesn't know what to do about it - he has never hit Michael - well not on purpose and I'm surprised - the pain Michael has inflicted would have caused me to lash out.

Glad you had a good time at the theatre... there are perks to living in the big city :) love ya!

april said...

Where did you go - you call every day for the package and now --- nothing - did you fall off the planet?