Friday, December 22, 2006

holiday cheer

So tonight was my first time ever making my fav holiday treat, Poppy cock. Its popcorn with nuts like almonds and what not over a caramel topping. So good, and it looks like it is going to true out very nice! Tomorrow we are off to the acreage to get some of the boyfriends family members to the airport and pick up the car we are bowering to go to our destination in. So on the 24th we will be leaving in the morning to drive the almost 2 hours to go to our destination and than having Christmas with the boyfriends family. It should be lots of fun, my family sent a package that I hope will arrive by the latest on sunday morning, because other wise we will not get it I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

My family got my package thankfully today! I hope they all like what they have gotten this year. I will be sending of a little something for my Aunt when I get her address, hey sis that means you need to email it to me!!!! However it will go out after the holiday has come. I feel like I have been baking all day, wait I have been. My cookies turned out pretty good, however I was making these Christmas Tarts that are totally great tasting and my mother did not write the receipt down right so they come out of the oven and I call my boyfriend to come and test them out (as he has never had them before) and he says they kind of seems like they need more sugar. To my response was there is not sugar in them... so I call my mom and I want to slap her at this point cause I told her how she wrote it down and she is in total denial. However proof of her hand writing is in the book that she made, moral of the story always check with someone who is sane in your family, sis get ready for more phone calls :P

Any who I'm going to head down stairs and finish up my treats, To all Have a Very Merry Christmas and don't forget in all the crazy times of the holiday season to stop and take in how wonderful it is to be around the ones you love the most. I will miss my family this year I love all you guys so much don't have to much fun with out me! xoxox

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april said...

well I feel loved now - thank you for that! Your package made it safe and sound - I opened it this afternoon and everything seems to be intacted. I will spray paint the gift for mom and dad tomorrow - seems pretty easy - and I've done similar sprays before...

I just finished watching barbara walters on heaven/hell - quite interesting - I've been looking something like this to read or see on tv for quite a while. I will write something on my blog about soon.

I hope the package is there tomorrow - I talked to greyhound today and she was all 'we just found out last night (Wed) that we shouldn't have sent anything south - we should have sent it north' apparently kamloops will be the reason you don't get the package on time - they are the backed up problem - but with any luck you will get it before you leave - i hope you do - my toes and fingers are crossed as well... ok - off to scrapbook - I'm getting there and have every confidence that i will complete all the pages for christmas... hooray :)