Friday, June 20, 2008

Extra Extra Monthly update!!

Gezz I suck at writing these days... so where to start?

I have a new job that I dislike because it does not fit right, its like that shoe that is two sizes too small looks cute on and totally amazing but by the end of the night you are thinking "WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING"! Oh yeah thats right I'm not happy WOOH

So I emailed my old CEO yesterday asking if there was any way to come back in any capacity because I believe in what they are doing, I have not heard from her yet. I sure hope that I do, so I'm on a mission to find something else back in the field that I was in before because I found my passion and my drive and I was in love with my life.

The man front... oh and back thats right folks I am still single woop woop! But you know that movie 50 first dates totally sweet and lovely and wonderful all fluffy and pretty him making her fall in love with him every day, sigh... so not my life! However I have dated more then I have ever dated in my whole life... and its fun, met some cool dudes who are totally clueless as to what a find I am. One guy thinks the world of me and could I be any less interested eww! Then there is this other one that totally wants to date and have fun, he's alright but I already know he is not the guy for me. Then this guy who is totally great husband material but is totally 100% emotionally unavailable due to the fact that he just split with his ex of 7.5 years.... man can I pick them. Oh yeah and all the dates that go great and then there is a second date and it bits the mighty one! Thats always fun.... so still looking but I know he is there somewhere in the mix.

hmm what else can I tell you.... ? yup I think thats it, life sucks ass right now, but I'm working on it and I just have to remember how nice its going to be once this is all done with. ahhhh that feels good saying that. All in all besides the crap I'm a pretty happy camper because at lest it is not like it use to be and that makes me smile ear to ear. And the sheer dream of what my life is going to look like that helps make me smile as well. All good things, I have not been to work in the past few days can you tell can you can you ???

Any way I'm going to call it a night and head to my bed, well really I'm going out to look at the stars but yeah I will make sure to try and update at lest once a month.


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