Sunday, October 26, 2008

dink dink :P

Okay so just as I was about to post runs through my head, Spaceballs, and the part where the little guys are saying dink dink, dink dink :P If you have not seen the movie you will think I'm totally nuts if you have maybe you will laugh, or think wow this girl has gone kind of nuts. hahaah Its the nuts I think :P

Any way in a good mood today and have been for the last little bit which is always nice! I have decided to make the move to stay in this city for one more year at min, I am going to volunteer as a Big Sister and have given a one year commitment :S scary.

So I think life is getting a little bit better still alone most of the time but I'm starting to settle into all of this. Its a little weird to think that I am at this point in my life where everything just seems to be moving around me and I kind of stand there and pick one or two things to jump on but when I was younger I would try to jump on them all and then loss my footing and end up face planting into something hard. OUCH

I have had a million OUCH moments where I just kind of ended up spreading myself to thin and got into trouble. hmm yeah so...

What else is new? work still sucks but I'm starting to get comfy there so the idea of moving to a place is getting scary, lord! Halloween is coming and I need to get a outfit cause I'm going to a party, but to work :P well volunteer! Winter is on the way, SAD, means most of my time will be spent inside I hate winter!

yeah I really just wanted to update cause I was bored but I'm going to head out for a bit now.

Hopefully I will write again soon.

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