Monday, February 02, 2009

Judgement Day

So yesterday I started moving some of my things. The stuff I can fit in my car and today will be more packing the last of my things that can be packed, first need more boxes. But its Monday and the Tenant Landlord place is open but not till 8:30am. So 15 mins to wait and wonder what will be the out come of all this craziness over the weekend. Once I have spoken with them I will have them call the owner of the home and explain what my rights really are. Then ask to have them ask her to call me via cell phone and discuss what will happen from here. Then she can pass the informaiton on to my roommate.

So I sit and wait in anticapation, one of the places I was reffered to call is open now so I'm going to call them first and see what they have to say about the whole situation. Or if they just tell me to call the local service here in town. I know I want to be out by the end of the week at the latest any way and tonight over today will be the majority of the move. This is stressful and its not helping my health choices in food. Yesterday through all the stress I had a begel, a cup of yougurt, and two chicken wraps. Thats it. Not enough food to keep my body feeling well so today my whole body hurts and I am more tired then ever. Good times.

more to come.


april said...

Hey - this all is terrible - I hope everything smoothes out soon. I'm struggling with the stress at work. Most of today was ok and then this afternoon things started to fall apart. It was like my medication for my stomach problem stopped working - or that I was so stressed out and didn't know it that my stress had created so much acid in my stomach that it had eaten the rest of the medicine. I got home at 5pm and had to get my medicine immediately. It took three hours for everything to settle down again... ARG! Any way I have an appointment tomorrow and we'll see how it goes. I hope everything goes better- take care of yourself! love you

M said...

Thank you for the comment it was nice to read something from you. I miss you and the kids. I hope that you guys might come to visit in the summer still.

Hope the doctors appt went well and that your tummy starts to feel better.
Love you!