Monday, February 19, 2007

Pretty things

So I am on a long weekend, and it is nice to have an extra day to just relaxe. I was thinking about doing somethings today which I still may but for now its nice to to take in the sound of typing and slince...and the little sounds of tracfic of course. So yesterday I went to this part of the city that I love and got some really intresting things. I got this really pretty wax flower, its one of those hawwii flowers and some mental art!

Here is the flower!

Here is the metal art, very pretty butterflies!

I also tried to go see something else but there where warning signs outside that said "be ready for long line ups, we are very busy today" So did not end up going in. Any who I just got out of bed a little bit ago and have yet to eat so I'm going to go have some food, I will write again soon.

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