Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stupid Driving people~!

So Yesterday I went for my driving test because I have to have a different license in order to drive my clients around. Any way it went really well subtract from the fact that the stupid man said "this license would mean that you are a professional driver, and your parallel park was not professional!" What the F*ing hell?..."you did everything else totally right and really well but that parking was not good and its states that if you can not do that well than you are an automatic Fail."
Alright So I know you are a professional dude but come on you have got to be kidding me! So I have to go back on Thursday next week and do it all over again.

So normally I don't really like swearing a whole bunch but jess yesterday when I got back to work F this F that Stupid F*ing moron who fails someone for not doing it 'professionally'. He can go to hell! The worse part is the test will be with him again :( not so happy about that!

Anyway now that I think my rant is down, last night I went to the opening ceremonies for the clients at work and it was pretty darn cool, did not however stay for the whole event as I was getting a mass o head-ache and I was so hungry I think the people around me could hear my tummy over everything else. So we left at about 8pm. But other than the leaving early and loud stuff it was GREAT.

I should be on my way I have some stuff I need to get out of the way today before I can relax and try and distress! Have a good day!!

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