Friday, February 09, 2007

Weekends are a good thing

Thank goodness for the joyful weekend! I need a freaking break so bad its not even funny, between all the clients fighting and all the staff going crazy at my job I think I am well due for a restful weekend! On Monday I have to go write a driving test to "Up grade" My license. Kinda scary but I'm sure it will all go really well. I found out yesterday that my sister (who I knew was going to come visit some point this year) asked my mom and dad to come along with her on the trip. Maybe in July or something. I think that would be nice to see them all.

I think that I'm slowly becoming less and less interesting, I can never think of anything to say or to write about. I have a lot that happens from time to time but I sit here and I can never think of a damn stupid thing to say ever, its kinda stupid. With my work we have an art studio in the downtown of my city. Tomorrow there is a workshop that is free, or by donation. They are making lanterns, and I am thinking about heading down there to go paint one up. But we will have to see what tomorrow brings.

Any way I think I might head off to do something productive not that this is not just I think I might be able to do something else. Come to think of it I think I will just go watch some TV or something and relax.


april said...

hey weiner - i don't think you are boring... i like reading about you are doing! so I hope you weren't mad that i suggested mom and dad come out... I was going to talk with you about it but nothing was confirmed and I wasn't sure if Dad took me serious or not. I suggested it to him a month ago and thought I'd see what happened. I don't know what will happen and I totally don't expect you to put us all up - I don't know what mom and dad will be driving in - mom mentioned buying a matrix so they could camp in it - along the way - it sounds like it might be a longer trip then I'd anticipated... but I will need a vacation - I can't wait to go - it will make a huge difference to me if they come - I can then go camping with the boys and have a good time - I don't really want to camp with just them... security blanket dad... :)

Anyway I hope you have a good weekend and if by chance you read this and want to chat login to msn and we can chat - I have a hundred questions about torrentz... I want to learn now - and I keep forgetting to ask you. Alright - I'm off to try and figure it out on my own... help :)

april said...

does it make me old that i don't know about torrentz... don't answer this question :)