Sunday, March 04, 2007

The beginning of the week

Well it is Monday tomorrow and I feel a little rested at lest. I have been going to the Library a lot lately and have got some great stuff for my week; I got some DVD's on Math, literacy, and government as I start my program this week on that kinda stuff. I think my clients will get a lot out of these movies... well I hope anyway. I have a lot of problems teaching the math component as I am good at math I am not so good at breaking it down into the really simple stuff so the one DVD I got has all kinds of math songs and rhymes to remember the things you are to do. It looks great and I think I might learn what will work really well for them with this.

I have been getting a lot of movies lately from the Library its great! I made this really great thing over the weekend but I can't say to much about it as it is for my sister, and a surprise... so surprise sis your getting something extra special from me soon. I wish I could tell more but as soon as she has gotten the package I will talk about it. Which will not be for a bit because something else I am doing is having issues right now, so as soon as that part is done off it will go!

I got to see a Canstruction at my local city hall this past week also for those of you who read my blog and do not know what that is look at this web site:
Every thing in these sculptures are made out of non perishable food items its really cool! Any way it’s getting kinda late here and I have some stuff to do yet before the night is done I will write more later!

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april said...

ok - what the hell is that... are you having a rough day?

alright - so I took the webdings and translated in word... so you are having a good start to the week - good!

I'm waiting for the boys to come home... should be here in a hour... so I'm going to go and finihs cleaning up. Talk to you later.