Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Its been a while.... again

I have a hard time updating all the time and can never seem to do it. Than at times I get to my computer and get in the mood to write and than all the sudden my mind is blank! Does that evr happen to any one else? I sure hope so, I have been finding out a lot lately that I'm not the only one who goes through a lot of things. I hade a really good talk with one of my co-workers today, her and I do not work together she is in a different program but she is supper cool and always has really good things to say. It was refreashing to know that I am not the only one in the world who has hard days.

So work is going well, I feel a little over worked and under paid but I mean what should I expect working in Social Services! Also I feel like we are being watched lately, my boss came into one of my classes the other day just to see how things where going, this never has happened before! I'm not sure if they are coming to see how we are doing or if they want to make sure that we are doing our job that they thing we aren't. So I have come up with a great solution, make them particapate! haha So when my boss came in I said " come sit at the table and pay the game with us, she did and than after two rounds left saying this was lots of fun. Today one of the other Managers came in and I got him up and playing a game also. I play a lot of games but I feel that pratical us makes things easier for my clients to understand how to us the skills I teach.

Any way after I got him up he tried to leave right away but he had a lot of fun, I'm not sure if they understand why I do things the way I do but I think its important that they see I'm trying to give the clients the best possible experience! I have some time off soon and I am so looking forward to that, not as much as I was before because I am now not going anywhere but I really need the time off and who knows maybe I'll rent a car and just go somewhere else for a bit. I really could use a change of pace, even for just a little bit. Any who I have some things to do before I go to bed so I will try to write again soon, and hopfully I have something to say when I sit down to write.

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april said...

glad you updated - i was thinking about you tonight.

I also feel a little under paid, but only because I know what other people make. I received a study of similar employment and was surprised at how little I'm paid in comparison to the rest of BC. Nearly half of what some of my counterparts make... I got over it a lot faster than I thought I would.

Boys are good - Kyle is drawing... it is crazy how fast he is growing and learning. Michael is doing lots of things - he knows what he wants and has a couple of words - he says hi, bath (baaa), look, mom, and he is desperately trying to say cat... he kind of says dog and I think is trying to say grandpa or grandma - their photos (and your's) are in his room. He just sees them more.

Not much else new with us - Andy leaves for school in two weeks and I'm starting to get depressed about it. My doctor thinks something is wrong with me - maybe anemic... I go back to get blood test results next week. And my allergic reaction is getting worse. More things are causing me to react - BLAH!

Ok - I complained - I hope we can chat tomorrow night - I will try calling in the evening. love ya and hope you have a great day at work!