Sunday, March 25, 2007

A fast update!

So I have to leave in a bit to run around and do some stuff but I thought I would up date about something I talked about in my last post. The competition at work so our boss thought that both teams did excellent in both areas so we all got two days off with pay!!! Woot, I'm not sure when I will use mine more than likely when my sister comes to visit. But I was supper happy when I found that out. Its nice to be rewarded for doing something like that and knowing your stuff and the ability to be creative. So the count down is still on and now four days until I get my vacation!!! THANK GOD, I need a break so bad its not even funny.

Any way thats all I have to say for now and I need to start getting ready to leave I have an hour so not to long and need to get dressed and blow dry my hair and such so I'm going to go. I'll write more later.

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