Monday, March 19, 2007

Almost a week....

So it is almost a week until I get a week off work! WOOT, I cannot wait to have some time off, it is much needed, and as of today it is 10 days until I get my vacation! That includes the weekend also. I was going to go back to my home town for a few days but I am not sure if I will be able to do that now, I'm going to wait and see what happens and go from there. So I know that I mentioned that I was looking into become a supportive roommate, or did I? Any way I have done up my cover letter for that and just need to do some grammar and punctuation checks and than I can start applying to different agencies. I still have some thinking to do about that before I decide for sure that’s what I want to do but I leaning towards yuppiers at the moment.

The biggest things holding me back are the "what if's" and the clients I work with also because there are people that I look at and think dear lord what the f**k would I do if I had to live with that every day! But at the same time it would be a great experience and I feel I would be a great roommate for one of them because I know what they need and what they want but never seem to get from others. So I feel I could provide a new kind of life for them. But the largest question in my mind is... Am I really ready to take this on my plate? At the moment I cannot answer that question, but I think I am ready to at lest begin some of the start points for this quest.

Today I think I had the funniest training in the whole world we did a scavenger hunt for policies and a bunch of other junk but it was a tone of fun. I think it was the most enjoyable thing I have done there yet, on a personal level not a professional one. The management team was to announce the winners by the end of the day and did not but there are two different categories, Creativity and Education. The prize for each is a Day OFF with pay, so you have the possibility to get two days with pay off, which would be grand. But the other team did a good job to and did their work so I feel as though I would want the other team to get one of my days off because they tried really hard but I must say this my team kicked some major bum!

Any who I don't have much else to say besides that for now, wish me luck in winning at lest one day off with pay and I'm going to run now.

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april said...

good luck!