Friday, May 04, 2007

The Super Cities Walk for MS

So on June 3rd my co-workers and I are going to walk for MS. This was an idea from one of my co-workers as his father had MS. His father is no longer living.

My mother was diagnosed with MS, when I was 17 years old. She is very health at the moment but has had some hard days from then to now. When my co-worker asked if I would want to walk with him I did not even think about it I just said yes. I really would like to participate in this and if you think this is a good clause then PLEASE go to the link and Donate to our Team.

Multiple sclerosis is a complex disease. While it is most often diagnosed in young adults, aged 15 to 40, we know that it affects children, some as young as two years old. The impact is felt by family, friends and by the community. MS is unpredictable, affecting vision, hearing, memory, balance and mobility. Its effects are physical, emotional, financial, and last a lifetime. There is no cure.**

Donate to
: Marken's Miracle Makers (click the link to help us make a difference!)

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april said...

good for you on doing the walk! I went with mom a couple of years ago and we did it in a super fast time - so fast that I thought we must have skipped some of the race - the turn out for the event was poor - but we had a nice walk.

I hope you are having a great week - I'm damn near on holidays and had a great weekend in Kelowna... why don't we live here?