Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Weekend soon

So it will be the weekend soon, and I am looking forward to it but at the same time kind of sad about it. One of my co-workers last day is on Friday and this person is very well liked he is a great person and we are all very sad to loss such a wonderful spirit. He is moving back east with his family. We are having a good-bye party for him on Friday. Then on Saturday well I hope that my plans do not get all bummed out again like last weekend but you never know. I'm not going to jinx them just in case, the person the plans are with will not even say we are doing anything out right just encase it will jinx it. This makes me laugh! Sunday is my Walk for MS! Looking forward to that.

Next week is another busy week there are three big days coming up for me and I just realized the other day that Friday is JUNE! Already, what the heck? My Friend is coming from BC WOOOT!!! I'm so happy about that I cannot wait to see them!!! Then the end of the month which seems super far away at the moment but I know its just going to come up on me like no tomorrow, my sister is going to be here. FUN! In three month is will be my one year with my job!!!! That is freakin crazy!

I have found forgiveness for something also, this does not mean that I think what happened was right or that I ever want to be in this position again but I have found it, and it is liberating! I have been trying to live in the motto "Do you" but it has been harder then I thought it would be. My head likes to take over and think out everything way too much, it’s beginning to darn my body. I really need to stop and just breath I am going to try and do this when I have some time off soon here, when my friend is visiting, I know I will get back to me with this person! I cannot WAIT!!!! I wish it were sooner. Any who I should go I think that’s really all I have right now any way.

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april said...

Good luck on your walk this weekend! Kick some ass!

Mom made it to Stettler. If you want kitty to come and live with me - get on it - this is the best time to do - me taking her this summer will suck and probably not work... think about it and make a decision soon... I can email you pictures every week of your favorite kitty.

ps. i love facebook - it might actually put me back in touch with people i care about - hooray!