Sunday, June 03, 2007


So today was my Walk for MS, Thank you to everyone who pledged money to this great event! It was a wonderful morning, the sun was shinning everyone had lots of energy and it was the perfect day to walk! We did the 6km walk only but it felt so good! I'm glad the bad weather waited for us all to finish. It is now raining like crazy and I'm glad we didn't have to walk in that. I have had a pretty GREAT weekend; it’s been a lot of fun! I'm not totally sure what next weekend will bring me but I cannot wait to find out.

Lazar tag was GREAT! I came in 4th in on my team, with something like 6000+ points, my co-work came in first and had 12000 point 300 away from the record board! It was so much fun, we all sweated so much it was not even funny! Wow you can really hear the ran coming down its crazy raining.

Any who I just thought I would up date not much else to say really but this week is going to be really cool and I am looking forward to my weekend!

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april said...

congratulations on completing the walk and the lazer tag!

please send the rain over the rockies - it is disgustingly hot here.... it was well over 30 degrees today and I had to cook - boooooooo

alright - congrats again - love ya