Thursday, September 06, 2007

Just a little update

So the last few days I have been home sick, I hate being sick! BOO! But I think I might be getting better cause my voice is coming back and my head is not feeling so bad. I'm going back to work tomorrow for sure! I hate missing work I always feel so unless at home, I mean there is a lot to do here but I have just been sleeping and think that is what made me feel better. I'm happy I'm not coughing as much now or feeling as bad as I did earlier. So I'm mostly moved in and everything here is going nice so thats good I think soon I'm going to start looking into buying my car. Oh yeah I'm going to buy a car! I'm totally looking forward to shopping for that one!

any way I just wanted to update and let everyone know I'm alive and hopefully going to be well soon! Thats all for now, I will update again soon!

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