Sunday, September 02, 2007

Well I have internet again!

So I have moved and now have internet again and thought I would up date. Its been a busy few days lots going on and everything seems kind of crazy at the moment but I think it might start to clam down here again very soon. I hope so at lest any way I would like some down time which I am sure that I will get very soon. I have been spending to much money as well and need to stop doing that, no more can be spent I had to have my computer fixed today to get my wireless to work My CD thing has been broken for a long time now and now I have a new one with DVD burner which is kind of cool.

I like the new place its nice so far and I have one more day off to get everything in order around here then its back to work and life again, this week and next week are short weeks so that is kind of nice. Four day work weeks always make me happy. But then it will be a while before I have anytime off like this again, I think I might go back to BC for thanks giving but we will have to wait and see cause I would like to buy a car and I might not be able to afford it once I do that but who knows have to weigh my options. Any way I think I'm going to go just wanted to up date and let all know I'm alive and well and with internet again! woot

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