Thursday, August 30, 2007

Moving day has come!

So today is the day, I'm pretty well all packed up and ready to go, need to go pick up my truck from the place I rented it from and then me and my friend are going to load up my life again. I hope that this is the last time I will move in a while. I'm looking forward already to this day being over, I think its going to be a long one. I only have my friend until 11:30ish so my goal is to have the truck totally loaded and ready to go, then I think I will stay around here for a little bit and clean the place so I can sleep in tomorrow. Then I just have to come back and get my DD from my landlord and thats it done and done.

I'm going to be sleeping at the new place tonight so that is going to be really odd, a whole new space again new things to get use to and new kind of life to get use to also. I think I might start looking into buying a car but I have to get my stuff together first so that I know what I can afford. With insurance and gas and all that stuff I'm just not sure if the convince is worth it. I don't know I think I will make that decision more then likely in November. We will see, who knows. Any way I think I should run my friend is going to be here soon. Wish me luck today please. :)

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