Sunday, August 26, 2007

Three Days and counting

So I have three days until I move, I'm starting to realize how much work I have to do around here before I'm ready for that. I got a bunch of stuff done today, but I need to do more because I am really in bad shape right now. There is so much that needs to be done and I was going to go buy some tape but I just don't feel like going anywhere today, I'm so blah and just want to stay home for the rest of the day.

I hurt my arm the other day and I'm having a hard time packing some of the heavy things cause it hurts when I try to pick them up, this is not good, it needs to be better FAST! Cause I have to pick up a lot of heavy stuff soon moving and all.

I'm going to miss my area that I live in everything is so easy to get to, but I am looking forward to having all that space. Also I might look into getting a puppy but I might wait on that one. Need to get everything else in order first. I am thinking these next few days are going to go by way to fast.

What else is going on? hmm not a whole lot. I think things might start getting busy in the next little while. I was suppose to volunteer today but it was to cold and rainny outside so I decided to not go, I feel kind of bad but at the same time yesterday they so did not need three people there so that makes up for not going. Any who I should get going back to work just needed a break from the packing.

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