Saturday, August 11, 2007

Things are going

So I have been dreaming of the end of this week to get back into the grove of things and it did and I made it through! Thank god! I think this was the hardest freaking few weeks of my life now I need to get back to feeling good again and normal. I am going out for dinner tonight witch should be nice, I'm looking forward to getting together with these friends it will be nice to catch up. I hope that I am not putting them out. I always fear about stuff like that.

So today is the start of something I'm going to look into my gym for some new classes and I am going to start kicking my ass to get it into shape. I really want to be health. Not that I'm not all that unhealthy now but I just need to change things up a bit. I need to start packing to start getting ready to move. I'm looking forward to the move. Its going to be so good!

Any way I'm just wanting to up date and let everyone out there know I made it through the hard part of my life and now things can start being good again. WOOT!

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