Saturday, August 04, 2007

Long weekend

Well its a long weekend three days off then back to work for three days for me then four days off. It will be nice to have a little time to myself I think I'm going to get a lot of packing done next weekend. Keep my mind busy! On the Saturday of next weekend I'm going to a friends house to visit that will be really nice, I can't wait!! I'm looking forward to that as I think it will be a great visit.

I am to be going to take care of a friends son today that should be good he has so much energy its amazing! I had a chance to go back to my home town this weekend but I was not able to go because I couldn't get the Tuesday off. Sucks! But I think I'm going to plan on going back for October for thanks giving. I will try to look forward to that! It will almost be a year since I have seen my parents at that point so it would be nice to see them again.

I gave my notice to move at the beginning of this month so I am moving for sure! Now I have to start packing my life up again. but I think this is going to be a move that I stay at this place for a long time. I think its going to be Great! Any way thats about all I have to say looking forward to getting next week over with so that life can go back to normal for a little while. We have had so many people off work that its crazy there right now. Well I hope this all goes the way I would like it to and that I have the strength to make it through all the stuff I go through in a week its been so stressful lately I think I'm burning out a little bit. So wish me the best :)

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