Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time for an update

Things have been busy lately, I've had a visit from my wonderful sister. A surprise of my "in-laws" and one of my Mans aunts because his grandma pasted away and they all stayed here for one night. His Aunt has since been back and we got to hang out for a day and then went to Thanksgiving at his other aunts house in town here. Fun times... it was a nice thanksgiving but I think the food made me feel ill boo, and I think my little man as well isn't feeling so great! We are still waiting on my in laws return because my mother in law is not doing so well she has a kidney stone that I guess is just hurting so much, she has been in the hospital out east three times and they are hoping she will feel better and are waiting for them to zap that bad boy out! I hope that it goes well.

Let me just say this now, I do love my parents, but they kind of sucked growing up and they have sucked even harder the past oh 8 years or so. They have never been great parents but I think they did what they thought was the best they could, but they are shitty grandparents and have been super shitty parents the last little while. That said I love my in laws! They are so caring and loving and so great to my son it is not even funny, so the thought of her not doing well sucks balls because she is freaking great to us and me! I hope she is ok. Please note I would feel bad if my mom was sick to cause shes my mom but this lady doesn't have to love me she doesn't have to even like me and she treats me like I'm one of her own so having someone in your life who loves you for just being you and is kind to you and wants to learn about who you are and what you like is pretty great. I know that they would be there for us no matter what and that is something I can truly say my parents would never do, and I know this from very recent experiences! ERR assholes! nough said.

My visit with my sister was the most thankful thing I have had in a while, it was so nice to just hang out and laugh and cry and all that jazz with her, and I think I'm going to ask instead of ever sending me another gift or card or anything again I just get a promise to see he at least once a year! That would be the best gift I could ever want or get. Oh and she must bring wine :P
PS I know your reading this and just know I love you and being able to call you my sister is amazing but knowing we are friends and can talk about anything just about blows my mind on how freaking great that is! I love you sis!

What else... oh my lovely little man is testing the shit out of me lately, I love him more then anything in this world but man he is just getting on my last nerve lately and I really feel like I need a mini break from him. Just like a full 24 hours sans baby. Maybe I should ask Santa for that! lord. But I love him. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about work yet, my future seems a bit of a blur right now. But I'm hoping things will work out. Any way I think we might go with the Man tonight on a road trip so I should pack and get things ready well the little man is sleeping.

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