Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baking Goddess!

I have not baked in a while and my boyfriend had a bunch of apples in his house going bad so he asked me to do something with them. So I took about 15 and now have one large Apple Crisp and Two Apple Cream Pies (currently cooking 5 minutes left).

So the Apple Crisp looks so good and smells amazing! The Apple Cream pie is a first and a new recipe! It looks really good right now. But I'm a little torn about it we will see how it tastes tomorrow. After they are done I am going over to my mans house with the Apple Crisp.

Oh and Happy Valentines Day! We spent yesterday together cause he had to work today. There where some moments that were really good. I am totally smitten with him so anything would have been wonderful to me. I was just totally happy to be hanging out with him. We talked more about the moving in thing and he now seems to thing that it to soon. I think he is just a little scared about all that but who knows so I'm moving up the third flour by the sounds of things woop! Well half woop I am ready to risk great to get greatness! Any who that's all for tonight, I'm going to check on my pies.

Good night to all! :)

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