Thursday, February 04, 2010


Well its been a little while since I last wrote so I thought an update was needed. It is February and I am feeling oh so crancky and over emotional! Its like lighten hit me and all the sudden I'm this girl who crys over the littlest things, and gets upset for no reason and god someone needs to just make this all stop!

I think tonight I will go for a long walk with the dog and try and walk the stress off, I'm not really sure what the stress is but its there and its burning inside me saying "hit people, hard you will feel better!" Now as much as I think that sounds great it is no not right to smake random people or any one for that matter.

Last night I was so unset because I felt like someone wasn't listening to me, and they were not cause they asked me to repeat what I was saying three times! ERR I felt so mad I cried, what the hell is that? God! Save me from my crazy self. But as is life things cool off and slowly go away and I'm not as upset as I was but I'm still a little cheesed off about it all and just wish they would have listened. What was I trying to say. That I felt like they were holding back, only giving part information and then saying I'll tell you the rest some other time or in a week. DON'T TELL ME SOMETHING AND NOT FINISH IT! AHHHH

Thats really what I need to say is if you want to talk to me say all of what you want to say not just half. And if I ask you something that you are not comfortable talking about with me just yet, just say that! How hard is that? okay so the emotional crazy is because of this and because I'm just not feeling myself today or yesterday... boo!

On side note things are still going well at work, I'm amazing and everyone sees that, its nice to be apperciated for the things I do. I'm still totally crazy about the man even if her drives me a little nuts. I might be moving up to the third floor at the end of the month!!!! WOOP for a belcony, how exciting! I really hope I get to move up I HATE living on the bottom floor. Maybe thats why I'm crazy no natural light for the past year. LORD! Oh and its offically been a year that I have lived where I am, thats crazy! Even more crazy I've lived in this city for four years now! It seems like just yesterday... no thats not true at all it feels like a life time ago that I was back in BC. But life was so differnet, life is so different things have totally changed here, I've changed, I've grown, I've become (normally) a really amazing person here. I mean I was good before but damn I'm good now :P hahah Oh yes and I can ring my own freaken bell after the last two days I've had.

Any way I'm totally at work and need to get back to writing more policies and procedures, and stratigic planning. Lord gross I'm totally one of those people... barf! :P

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