Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bitter Sweet

Well My sister and my nephews just left on there journy back to my home land and I'm a little heart broken to see them go. I don't think I have had the need to cry in a long time but this time I was a little baby. It just made me relize how much I'm missing them and how I wish they where closer. The hardest part about being so far away is that I'm staying because I love my job and the thought of leaving that behind right now does not sit well with me. But I wonder if I will ever get ahead by staying where I am.

The only reason I was alright with them leaving is that now my back will not hurt when I get up in the morning because I get my bed back. Other then that there was nothing happy about them going. However I did get some good pictures and some excellent memories. Well back to life I guess, I think I might start looking more at that, how my life is here and what it would be like some where else because I think I'm almost done here. I like all the great friends I have made, and I could not ask for more for job statifaction, maybe more money but other then that I have nothing here I think it might be time to start the search again.

Any way I just thought I would do a little up date while my mind was a mess and thats really all I have to say for now.

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