Monday, July 02, 2007

Today is the day

My sister is going to be here today, I am not sure what time but I'm going to take a guess and say she will be in town by 5:30pm tonight, maybe 6. I am hoping that everything goes well with her here, I'm a little worried about the other people in my building as I forgot that this was an adult building and kids are normally not allowed but I think most people would think that was for a living situation not a visiting one. I also hope my appartment is aired out enough for my sisters liking and that she can stay here. Due to the fact that I smoke it gets not so nice in here, and she hates the smell of smoke. So I've tried with everything to make sure that the smell is not in here, but I can not really tell because I'm a smoker. I would need a second person to really make sure of it and would have to be someone who does not smoke.

Feeling a little better since last time that I wrote, minus from this morning I'm feeling like crap, but thats alright I'm sure that will go away. I have to run to the store today before they get here so that I have something for the boys to eat when they get here. Man I'm going to need a nap today I'm to sleepy. I did not sleep well last night, nor for very long so on top of the feeling like crap I am also very sleepy. I just want to get the stuff that I need to get come home and have a long nap until my sister gets to town.

Any way I think I'm going to go and relaxe for a bit before heading out to the store. Will write again soon.

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