Thursday, December 17, 2009

Its been a while

Well long time no write again! gee I need to get better at this!

So Everything is shinny and new... New job! Woop.... New Puppy! So cute and sweet ... New Man! Who is lovely and amazing and such a fantastic person I'm so lucky to have met him (its only been 2 months :P ) New new new.

I'm very happy and filled with joy this last little while it all seems to be falling into place ever so nicely. I'm over joyed with the out comes that have been coming my way. Now if only the money situation could improve as much as all this other stuff has that would be ideal!

I miss my family and will be missing them through this Christmas I'm not going to make it home this year, and that makes me a little bit sad.

What else? hmm well life is good, I want to start cooking thanks to a movie! It was so all inspiring to watch someone cook through a book and enjoy it and say YUM all the time. Most of the time with the food I make its like oh ok that’s alright but its not amazing!

Any way I'm just updating cause I thought it was totally time and now I'm off to work and play.

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april said...

FINALLY! FINALLY - an update - hooray!