Sunday, April 01, 2007


So today was a little bit of a show, first of all I'm up at 7am all ready to go and get moved in. Drive to the place and walk in with my bed in arm to... a ladder and stuff all over my new living room and kitchen! This pissed me off a little and so unload the bed and go back to old place and call new landlord... what the hell is going on I thought you where going to be done? So he's a little rude and I get frustrated but the show must go on... any way I grab a few more things and head over again at 1pm and he is there say blah blah blah whatever and really rude! So I leave pissed off and just fuming pack some more into the truck and go over again, than he says due to the inconvenience I'm going to take $100 off this months rent...I'm think SWEET! So regardless to say I'm not staying there tonight I still have more to move tomorrow but I didn't want to be in there tonight cause he was doing something to the floors in the kitchen and just in case I did not want to breath those fumes in!

So it looks like tomorrow I will move the rest of my stuff and be in there for Monday night. He still has more work to do and will be coming in at some point tomorrow also but I have to be there as my couch is getting delivered between 12 and 5pm. So I hope that it all goes well and I will be in my new place tomorrow night. I have some more stuff to pack still but no more boxes so I have to unpack some stuff and come back and re-pack the things I don't have room for yet. Any way I thought I would update the current situation because its a little aggravating and well I need to vent somewhere. So this time I hope that I will not be able to update until my computer is up and running on the 4th!

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april said...

here's to happier days for us both - today was complete shit for me too! kyle was crazy and kept doing things that made me crazy - BLAH ARG BLAH!

Now I just feel down right crappy and wish I'd never agreed to let Andy go to school in Kelowna. This is terrible and it is only day two and all I can think about is that is really is only day two and I've got more than 100 days left that could be like today.

Weather is complete crap right now - so we couldn't even get out much today. Played for about 30 minutes outside and I was hoping for longer - Michael enjoys playing outside and Kyle loves it and it makes them tired... which equals me getting 10 minutes more at night... I'm going to try and go crochet - I need a good light because I'm working with similar colors right now... maybe I will watch some Potter... I hope tomorrow is fantastic for you and even though I know you are doing great things this week I still wish you were here... oh well - we will see you in a few months... night