Monday, April 09, 2007

End of vacation

Well this is the last day of my vacation and I could not be happier, I cannot wait to get back to work. This free time is kinda driving me a little nuts to say the lest! I have so much work to do when I get back, at the end of this month we have our accreditation coming up and that is going to be so much fun, I've been picked two times to talk now. I hope I do well. I need to start finishing all my lessons and getting everything in order. So I have two weeks to do that HAha I did not realize that, dear lord! Well I can pull this out I will just have to get moving as fast as I can. So tomorrow I think I have a meeting but wend, thru, and Fri. will be working ass off time in order to get everything done.

Tomorrow is going to be my first day taking my new rote to work and I hope I get there in time and that the train is not supper crazy, even though I know it will be but one can dream, I have to make my lunch tonight and make sure I get to sleep at a good hour. The last few days I've had a really hard time sleeping and not going to sleep until crazy hours of the morning and night, last night was the worse! I think the last time I looked at the clock was 5 am, now tonight some how I need to sleep at 11 at the latest and get up for 6am. I hope I can because I have to go out of town with my group tomorrow and I do not want to be driving all super sleepy with 14 people in my van!

So I'm going to start working out again, because I'm really sick of feel like crap so next week I'm going to start doing some stuff again, this week kinda gets messed up due to the holiday today. But I'm going to start all over again next week. My weekend this week is going to be finish up all the details for work, fun fun. Man I have so much work to do! Any way I think that’s all I'm going to write for now.

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