Monday, April 16, 2007

Just had to post this

I saw this guy singing this song on much music and I listened to all the words and suddenly felt moved. The words in it are great and I saw this and listened to it and it made me feel better. I'm not sure how music does this to people but it does it to me. Some times I can be in the worst place in the world and I will hear something that will bring me back. I think I am going to make this song offically my 'bring me back' song. We all get so lost some times and I think in times when I'm lost or hurt this song will help me bring it back to me.

On the day note, today was a long day and kind of hard but I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. I'm to go to this Ranch again on Wend and it looks like its going to rain! Boo I'm sick of bad weather when I take my people anywhere. But it will still be a lot of fun, looking forward to it and than Thur :) wooot! The weekend I hope will be good also. I need to call my Landlord at some point tonight or tomorrow to find out when he is going to finish everything here.

I hope to get better sleep tonight and I hope that tomorrow is better than today, I have so much work to do gezz I hope that I can get it done so I do not have to do it over the weekend. One person I have to work, I am having a hard time with this person because they never seem to have the time to do the job they get paid to do. It kind of pisses me off because this person has only been with us for a bit and he is trying to advance and everyone supports him, but he can't get what he needs to done. I am always getting shit done and it goes by with nothing from any one. Oh well, I hope you enjoy these Lyrics they are unbelievable!

All About Me
Classified Ft Chad Hatch
[Chad Hatch:]
Life's not what you take
It's not about the promises you make
It's not about the friends you might've made
Or love that is gone

Life is what you give
It's not about the stupid things you did
It's not about the way things could've been
It's about movin' on

It's all about you
So every morning when wake, before the first step that you take
Just think it's not what you make it
And you'll make it through

This life will leave you stressed out, left out with your neck out, ain't nothing changed
It's real life so we deal right but it feels like it's something strange.
We wonderin' the dumbest things and let everything get under our skin
Trouble again, tryin' to impress someone else. It's fucked in the head.
So do you, you'll never make everyone happy. It just won't happen.
At the end of day, when all say is said, you better be ready to go back at'em.
I learn slow, my verse shows my growth, my wisdom.
If you positive, or you negative, it don't make a difference not when you live it.
Cause some of the most successful people on this planet
Will kill themselves for somebody else's like they really couldnt manage.
Then we got bums, alcoholics on the streets
With no stress, no where to rest, no where to dress, no where to sleep.
And they say fuck my morals. I'm drinkin' away my sorrows.
I'm livin' life and I'm happy, I ain't thinking about tomorrow.


[Chad Hatch:]
Life is what it brings
It's not about cars and fancy things
Or hairsalons and diamond rings
Girls don't lose your seed

Life is all about the things you'll never figure out
It's all about the people you allow in and the memories that you keep

This here is life so tell me who choses whats wrong and right.
Is it what we see on tv? Get a job, raise a family.
That's how I was raised, how I was brought up
Get a wife, a son and daughter.
That's how I was taught to be proper.
Never thought anyone could get caught up.
And slowly I get up and the fairytale quickly vanished.
Realized that life is a bitch and shit, you gotta be able to stand it.
And you gotta be able to handle it, this stress and the pressure, you channel it..
And you learn to cope at the end of your rope anyway that you can with liqor or dope.
Or work hard, raise your kids. Strip clubs, whatever it is.
Smoke weed, shoot hoops, whatever you find your happiness through.
It's your life. Just make sure you know what you want when you go out and get it
Keep doing this shit for you, not your crew or the dude you're tryna impress, kid.
Life is simple, life is hard and yeah life is fun
So enjoy the things around you before your life is done.


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