Wednesday, April 04, 2007


So I am offically moved in I have my internet, phone, and tv again, woot. I still have a few things left at the old place but you know its hard getting all the little things some times. I'm happy to be in my new place I still have a lot to do here but its coming along. I hope that when I have the cat conversation goes on that it goes really well I miss my kitty like crazy right now and I wish she was here! So I have 5 days of my vacation left to relax and decorate! I need to find my hammer but I am not sure where it is I think I have unpacked most everything at this point and have not come across it stupid thing yet.

I find myself with very little motavation today to get things done but I want to so it feels like home and I feel comfy agian. I got this really cool picture but I can't seem to get it to stay on the wall, I have to use mack-tac but it keeps coming down no matter how much I put on so I think I'm going give tape a try and see if that works any better. I think it weighs to much for the tac but we will see maybe its the wall or something. Oh well any way I'm off to look for my tape and see if I can get the silly thing to stay up. I will write again soon.

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