Thursday, February 24, 2011

my little man

So my little man is getting so big he is 19lbs 7oz but I think he is slowing down because that is a half pound gain in two weeks before he would have gained way more but I think he is totally slowing down now. He is so awesome it is not even funny! I love him so much and I think next week we are going to do a big trip home I think maybe wend or thursday we will leave for the weekend.

what else well my car got hit by a deer and totally fucked it up but it is almost totally fixed the windsheld is totally fixed now I just need to get a new side mirror and we will be good to go :) It is not pretty but it works and will get us around safely until we can afford a new car. Thanks to my understanding Man it has been a hard two week but it will be ok some times I get a little worked up and things have been super hard on us but we can get through this I'm sure.

Any way I'm going to get going and play with the little man who is just getting up :)


april said...

Hooray for updates!
I can't wait to meet the Ninja!
love you!!!

april said...

so... are you coming home?
do you need airmiles?