Monday, February 28, 2011

What an excellent little man I have

He has fallen asleep with out any help now seven times!!! He is so good it is not even funny, I am the luckiest mommy ever. I am blessed with the best little man ever and I am more in love with him ever day. Last night we read our story and after a little bit of playing and talking he fell right to sleep as soon as I put him in his bed. So the sad part is that he is still in our room but I'm the one who is not ready for him to go. Plus he has a fussy moment every night where he needs some help staying asleep. So until thats totally fixed I think that its best to have him so close. Plus I'm going to miss him once he is moved.

I'm hoping to go home to see my family soon so they can meet the best little man ever. Well next to the best two little men who are I'm sure excited to meet there cousin. Any way well he is sleeping I have a few more things I would like to do. I just really wanted to tell everyone about my amazing little miracle :)

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