Thursday, February 10, 2011


So the last little while has been a challenge on me and my family we have been through some big changes and I think it might be getting the better of us. I just want to feel like this is going to be ok and I'm not sure when that will happen. I'm mentally and physically just done. I can manage to take care of the little man but I just feel like I don't have anything left and everything is just putting me to a breaking point. I wish things were better. I wish I felt better. I wish things were easier. As you of you couldn't tell but I'm feeling a little bit down tonight. I know things are always hard with everything but I recall a time when things where so much easier.

What else? My little man is amazing and I love him so much he makes me smile all the time. He is so tried today I think he might be growing. Oh and he is 18lbs 10oz and yes I think he is growing more. He isn't even 3 months yet and he is so big. He is the biggest one in the class.

I can't wait to move the house around wear the sofa is it is super cold and I think it will be better once I move it around. Any way I really just needed to vent and get that out of my system. THe little man is having a sleep and I think I might make a tea. Thats all for tonight.

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