Sunday, May 08, 2011


So my little man went to check out a new doctor today which went alright but we also found out that he lost almost 4 lbs, in a week and a half! My poor sicky he was so ill he didn't eat well and well now we know that he lost a ton for someone his size. He also grew a bunch about an inch and a half! Nuts I thought he was getting skinner but I didn't think he had grown that much in high he is in the 97% for height and down to the 85% for weight which is a giant change for weight because he was in the 96% before, thats crazy!

He is still a little sick with a cough but other wise he is eating a lot better and hanging out having fun. We are looking forward to going west to spend some time with the grandparents! They are so excited for him to come they can't wait to introduce him to all there friends! So awesome, they are really great! Today was my first mothers day and I must say I was a little cranky all day due to that I have not been sleeping all that great lately but it was still great I always dreamed about being a mommy to someone and I'm a mommy to someone super special now. I never knew you could love someone so much, he just captures my heart every day and I love him more then anything. I'm the proudest momma ever!

He rolled back finally, but didn't really pay attention and now has forgotten again how to roll back onto his back. Silly boy! I hope he figures it out soon! Its raining here sometimes I miss the rain because we don't get a whole lot. Any way my little man has gotten on his tummy I'm going to go and try to get him to roll back on his own. Till next time.

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april said...

Happy 1st Mother's Day!
Love you!