Friday, May 13, 2011

I love spring and the on set of Summer

I forget how much I like to be outside in the winter and then its +20 for the last three days and it reminds me about enjoying the sun and loving going out. We have walked the past two days because I love to be out I wish we had a better deck or a yard that we could get out in and enjoy. Right now its the perfect time because there are few bugs and I hate bugs gross. Important but gross, speaking of important I kind of wonder where all the bugs... hmm odd.

My little man is doing well he is learning lots and growing up more and more. I am enjoying every moment I have with him I love watching him grow and learn I can't wait until he can talk and tell me all the wonderful things in his mind :) So exciting!!

He is now eating three meals a day, well our first day trying any way. Seems to have gone well today but he was not very hungry at dinner but I think thats to be expected. Plus he hates the lumpy texture. Any way little man needs me so go to run.

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