Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the night before Christmas

All through the house... This is my little mans first Christmas and I don't think he is to excited as he doesn't really know what is going on. So here is the question ... do I tell my son about Santa and let him believe to only find out he is not real OR do I tell him about the real Santa and the spirit of him and the truth?? I'm thinking the truth. But I'm not sure many people will like that. Like the Mans mom was all what is Santa going to bring you? Well Santa did get him a few things but still its the spirit of Santa but mom bought it and I think its better to be honest with him. hmmm not sure.

What else? I'm looking at flights to maybe go home cause my trip didn't work out. I miss my family! blah any way I'm going to get going the little man might wake up soon to eat. Merry Christmas eve :)

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april said...

tough question - I pondered this as well - I think it is tough to get around - society (Canadian/USA) is built on it... built on spending and spending and spending and even spending in the name of something that is not real

we carry on with having santa because the kids hear about it - but santa only brings stockings.. it is the spirit of the holidays that is more important to me - it should be about family and time spent with family... that is the holiday season - but it should like this all year round - they are far more likely to remember a family experience than they are to remember a gift given to them...

it was great catching up today - he is getting so big and it is great to get to see him growing - even if it is far away... love you!