Friday, December 03, 2010

Weight gain

So today I took my little man to weight him today just to see how he was doing and he gained almost a pound he is now 11lbs 1.9 oz getting bigger and bigger already I know time is going to fly and he will grow so fast. He is already lifting his head really well. He isn't catching finger movement with his eyes yet but he is looking around more and more. He doesn't like the sun shining in the car when he is trying to sleep and he likes being held when he has gas.

He is just so amazing and I am so in love with him it is not even funny he is just so perfect. What else? I have to finish up Christmas stuff soon and I am going to take my little man into work to meet all the ladies. :) He is going to be a lady killer I can feel it plus with his parents amazing good looks its hard not to attract all that attention ... hehe

Any who I just wanted to up date about him gaining weight, we have an appointment next week to see how he is doing I will up date again soon.

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april said...

I love the updates - thank you so much!