Sunday, October 31, 2010


I had such a crappy sleep! I have had a headache for the past day and a half and it just wont go away. It hurts so much plus last night I was having some tummy tightening and my little friend was hurting me a little bit. I really ready for this little person to come out of me! The man seems to think its going to come today but I really don't think so. I do however think it will be soon because things are changing and that leads me to believe that it is going to happen soon.

Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment and I think we will book another ultrasound to see how big the little ninja is getting. I think I`m going to work on a the babies room and try to get the last pieces organized. The man goes away tomorrow also for three and a half days! I`m talking to the baby and telling them they CAN NOT come during this time. So we are going to take it super easy and not do anything that could send me into labour!

Any way I think I should get dressed and make some food. Happy Halloween :)

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