Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby makes three

Well folks I am offically a mom... how crazy is that? We got home today just after 1:00pm and my little bundle is seatteling in well. I had a boy, a 10lb 3oz baby boy. Nicholas Joesph welcome to the world and into my heart. I love you like crazy already. Part of me was really hoping for a girl but I am so happy he is here and he is perfect! He sleeps a lot right now but I know those times will come to an end in the future.

So here is how it all went down. On my due date November 17 we went to the hospital to be induced at 9:30am well it turns out that on that day everyone else and there dog wanted to have babies too so I didn't get officially induced until 12pm or so and then got moved over to popartum to wait to go into labour well now we waited and waited and waited and waited some more then on November 18 something started to happen... contractions. So these are the most painful freakin things in the whole world it feels like a menstrual cramp times a billion! So I was having lots of these super close together about every 2 mins which in a normal world is a lot of time but in labour world seems like nothing. They monitored babies heart and something seemed a bit off so they wanted to get us over to labour as soon as they could. I think we moved over there at 12:00pm November 19 but I was in so much pain that I didn't really know what the hell was going on. So we get over there and I am put on the bed and told an epidural was going to happen, at that point in time I was like woop to that make this stop! So I got one, so this was not totally natural but really you have no idea my uterus wouldn't stop contracting which is why I was in so much pain nothing let up.

Let me say this also Epidurals are the best freaken thing in the world because with out I wouldn't have made it through this they had to us forceps to get him out because he was so bit and I have a grade 3 (out of 4) level tear in my girl place! So yes amen to epidurals!!! Any way our little man made it into the world at 3:30pm with a whole lot of help from a wonderful doctor! Thank you to Dr. Edwards! Nicholas cord was rapped around his neck so he was having some heart dips well inside still. They had to give me a lot of stuff to make sure he could make it out with out a C section. Which I am totally grateful for because I can only dream of the amount of pain I would be in now if they would have done one.

Speaking of pain I am in a whole bunch of it between my tare and my body just being over working it is like I got hit by a truck twice! Plus I think I'm still having contractions little ones any way it seems like. It sucks and I don't think I'll feel much better for another week or so. Sucks!!! Any way we are happy to be home! Breast feeding is a whole other story for another time. Right now thats all I have to write.

And lastly I'm over joyed to be home!!!


Carmen said...

Congrats to you and your man Mel. Sounds like Nicholas is already very loved.

april said...

Woohooo - the whole story - fantastic!
Um that girl parts rip doesn't sound good - Kyle also had the cord around his neck when he came out...

I'm in Vancouver - I miss you sooo much! I wish I could just fly to see you - hopefully we will see you in person soon!

How is everything going with mom? I'm assuming she is still there and didn't fly home early...

Love you!!!!

Jenni said...

Congrats Mel and "the Man"...both Grandma and I love the little ninja's new name.
I appreciate you blog otherwise who knows if we would have heard your terrific news.
all the best for a speedy recovery
with love Aunt Jenni and Grandman and the rest of us up here in the north :)