Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Belly Button

Today Mr. Nicholas lost his umbilical cord and he officially has a belly button! 12 days old and already things are changing so fast. He is keeping us awake at night and sleeping all day. I have so much to get done that I feel like I can`t sleep when he is but I really need to start sleeping when he is because I`m not doing so hot on the energy front.

Oh so something amazing!!! I have been wearing stretchy pants for the past 5 months because all my pants stopped fitting, it sucked balls. But today for kicks I wanted to try on my jeans just to see how far I needed to go in order to get back into them. Guess what??? They FIT!!!!! HAHAHAh I had a baby and lost a tone of weight and can wear my jeans again. I haven`t had jeans on for months and months and they went on no problem! How amazing and fantastic. They are a little tight but not to bad at all.

My body still hurts a lot at moments but its getting better. Next week I`m going to plan to drop into work to show off my little man :) I just have to call and let them know. It will be our first out and about of the house. We have been out just he has waited in the car with me or the man cause I`m really not wanting to get my little man exposed to too much. But I think we are ready to start slowly getting out of the house. I going to try and join and mom and baby walking group too. Fun times.

Any way I just wanted to up date and let you all know how wonderful he is and how totally in love I am with him. What a wonderful joy!!!

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april said...

Awesome - he has a belly button - how great!

I'm so happy that you are happy - and yes - you need to get sleep - sleep is super important and it will make you feel better. If he naps at all in the day - don't clean up - nap - you will find the time to clean/catch up/whatever...

Love you!